Lost rainforests in the media


BBC Radio 4 Open Country – Helen Mark takes a walk into the secret forests of Britain with Guy Shrubsole to find out how we can save Britain’s lost rainforests.

BBC Radio Cornwall – Guy Shrubsole speaks with Julie Skentelbery about his interest in temperate rainforests, how to identify them and the tragic history about how most of them have been felled (listen from 50 mins in).

Reasons to be Cheerful Podcast (with Ed Miliband and Geoff Lloyd) – Back to nature: tackling the biodiversity and climate crises. Segment on rainforests (with Guy Shrubsole) exploring ecosystems beyond the trees, and how restoring these habitats can play a significant part in reach net zero (listen from 26:45).

BBC Radio Cornwall – Guy Shrubsole speaks with Julie Skentelbery about the Lost Rainforests of Britain’s citizen mapping call to action (Listen from 35 mins in).


National Geographic – Britain has a rainforest – and it’s in trouble.

Inkcap Journal – The latest news on nature and conservation in Britain.

Atlas Obscura – Mapping the Rainforests of Britain.

ENDs Report – England’s rainforests lack adequate protection, says campaign group


The Telegraph – Britain’s lost rainforests could return in post-Brexit plans.

The Guardian – Life finds a way: in search on England’s lost, forgotten rainforests.

BBC Travel – Uncovering Britain’s ancient rainforests.

The Telegraph – Moss maps could show the nearest rainforest is much closer than you think.

The Guardian – Britain’s vanishing rainforests must be protected, say campaigners

Independent – Deadly beautiful: How rhododendrons are threatening the UK’s most vulnerable woodlands

Daily Express – How Britain’s ‘lost’ rainforest is key to saving rare species

BBC Wildlife (print only) – Britain’s Lost Rainforest


Somerset County Gazzette – Public urged to help save ancient rainforest on Exmoor.

Totnes Times – Launch of campaign to save local rainforests

One thought on “Lost rainforests in the media

  1. Don’t know if you are familiar with the photographer Simon Baxter?  You
    can find him on YouTube.  He has clearly discovered something very
    special on private land and while I don’t want him broadcasting its
    location, you may want to know of its existence.



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