Sign our petition to protect and restore Britain’s lost rainforests

Exciting news! We’ve just launched our parliamentary petition calling on the UK Government to protect and restore Britain’s lost temperate rainforests by producing a ‘Great British Rainforests Strategy’. This must set out policies to better protect our remaining rainforests, and funds for farmers and landowners to restore them.

Why is this important?

Few people realise that Britain is home to temperate rainforest, a globally rare and important habitat. The rainforests are astonishingly beautiful, and they are wildlife- and carbon-rich habitats, home to many rare and unique species of lichens, mosses, fungi, birds, insects and mammals. Despite their significance, Britain’s rainforests only remain in fragmented pockets, but there is considerable potential for the Government to support the expansion of the habitat across Britain.

How can you help?

  1. Sign the petition here!
  2. Share on social media and with your friends and family.
  3. Ask your local MP to support the campaign and share the petition. Find out who your MP is here.

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